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Photo Essay Images of a Stroll Around Tower Hill Reserve's, Lava Tongue Wetlands Boardwalk

It's worth stopping at Tower Hill Reserve for an hour or so to take a walk and for wildlife photography. Park at the Worn Gundidj Visitor Centre where there are several nature walks including the Lava Tongue Wetlands Boardwalk, although the lake was not at its best in early spring.

The photos essay shows images of birds photographed near the start of the walk and include common birds such as Superb Fairy-wren (Malurus cyaneus), Grey Fantail (Rhipidura albiscapa), Striated Thornbill (Acanthiza lineata), Brush Cuckoo (Cacomantis variolosus) Common Emu (Dromaius or Dromiceius novaehollandiae).