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Reed and Boroka Lookouts stunning panoramas and a Photo Essay of Along the Track to the Balconies

There are several lookouts, which are only a short drive from Halls Gap village; they have stunning panoramas, which are great for landscape photography. It’s worth arriving early, but there's a chance of mist and low cloud obscuring the views, so backtrack if necessary to lower altitude such as the Grand Canyon and return later in the day when the mist has had a chance to clear.

Boroka Lookout is only a very a short walk from the car park and provides a panoramic view across the eastern plains towards Lonsdale and Fyans lakes and south across Halls Gap Valley and Lake Belfield.

Further west is Reed Lockout and carpark; providing southerly views across the valley towards of the Victoria Range and northerly panoramas of Lake Wartook and the Mount Difficult Range.

From Reed Lookout carpark there is an easy walk to the Balconies with southerly panoramas. Along the trail, there's an area of loose stone, which is a magnet for rock stackers. The gallery shows images of a photo essay of spring flowering wild plants seen along the path..