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Scenic walk along Tasman Glacier View track featuring Tasman Lake and the Glacier, Blue Lakes and Mount Cook

The start of the second walk to the Tasman Glacier View is from the Blue Lakes carpark located at the end of the 8 Km unsealed Tasman Valley Road. The well signposted track winds its way up past the attractive Blue Lakes to a viewpoint on the moraine wall. The Blue Lakes, originally named because of their intense blue colour, are now green.

The photo essay shows images of the Glacier covered in debris, the lateral moraine wall and icebergs in the lake. There is a breathtaking view looking back towards MacKenzie Basin in the direction of Lake Pukaki, the Tasman Valley road can snakes its way along the edge of the Tasman River. There were a group of kids on a school field trip with Mount Cook as the backdrop – a great place for a school trip.