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Sperm Whale wildlife photography at Kaikoura, featuring images of logging, spouting, arched back/diving and flukes

In the sea near Kaikoura is the end of the Hikurangi Trench/Trough. When it comes close to New Zealand’s South Island shore it is known as the Kaikoura Canyon about 1000 m deep, where Sperms Whales (Physeter macrocephalus) feed on Giant Octopus.

During our trip, we sighted four sperm whales on the surface although it may have only been two different specific whales. On two occasions, the whale gently slipped beneath the surface and did not dive deep.

The photo gallery includes two different sperm whales.

First sequence of five images shows the whale logging (lying still at the surface), spouting (breathing through blowhole) and then gently slipping below the surface.

Second sequence of eleven images shows a different whale logging, spouting and then diving (arched back, diving deep with flukes in the air).