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Thirty Years of Photography in Singapore Images Featuring its Heritage, Culture, Nature, Wildlife and the Botanic Gardens

Singapore markets itself as the Garden City. In the seventies, I lived in Singapore for a short time, met and married a Singaporean. We now live in the UK, but make the trip back home to see family and friends as often as possible. I've practised my photography hobby in Singapore over the last thirty years – albeit intermittently and only for short periods. My images document some changes from third world to an independent modern city-state.

Over the years, the places I liked to visit and photograph have changed along with the development of the island. Back in the eighties, I enjoyed taking images of Singapore's heritage and culture in places, such as, the Singapore River, old Harbour, Colonial Heart, China Town, Little India, Arab Street and Holland Village. Also, nature and wildlife images in, the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Mandai Orchid Gardens, Chinese Gardens, Japanese Gardens and Sentosa Island.

The development has been relentless and now I concentrate on taking nature photographs in the public gardens, at the zoo and refurbished areas. The photographic equipment and media I use has also changed. In the seventies and early eighties, I used colour print film to capture my images and then in the late eighties I added positive slide, monochrome, infrared film and lith printing to my portfolio. In 2002, I switched exclusively to digital imaging.

A selection of images from the past thirty years:

Singapore National Flower Vanda Miss Joaquim

A Vanda hookeriana (Papilionanthe hookeriana) × Vanda teres (Papilionanthe teres) hybrid found in Miss Joaquim's garden and in April 1981 became the National Flower of Singapore. Vanda Miss Joaquim now botanically transferred to the genus Papilionanthe with the cultivar being Miss Joaquim.

Vanda hookeriana and Vanda teres hybrid found in Miss Joaquim's garden, National Flower of Singapore.


Istana: Orchard Road, Singapore, 1984 Lady in a Hammock sculptor at Singapore's Botanic Gardens Hyperlink to Parks, Gardens & Reserves web page