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Photography in Singapore during the eighties and nineties images featuring its culture and heritage

Heritage and culture image galleries from the eighties and nineties:

Colonial Heart – Padang and the administrative centre (old colonial district) architecture and cityscapes.

Singapore River – cityscapes along the river, images of bumboats (Twakows) and sampans on the river and bumboats unloading cargo at the quays.

Old Harbour – images of bumboats (Twakows) at anchor and sampans ferrying people between offshore ships at anchor and the harbour.

China Town – before refurbishment, with images of old shop houses and street traders plying their trade.

Little India - images of old shop houses, Petain Road Sunday morning songbird contest and the festival of the hungry ghosts.

Environs - images galleries of Orchard and Tanglin Roads, Changi and Sentosa, Arab Street and Holland Village.

Places of Worship – Buddhist Chinese Temples, Hindus Indian Temples and Islamic Mosques.


Bumboats and Twakows on the Singapore River 1981 Traditional Sampan with Oars, Singapore Harbour, 1984 Supreme Court, City Hall and Padang: Colonial Heart, Singapore 1984 Shop Houses, Little India, Singapore, 1984 Heavy rain, Tanglin Road shopping district, 1981 Temple: China Town, Singapore, 1988 Street Scene, China Town, Singapore, 1981