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River craft in the old Singapore Harbour showing images of bumboats and sampans during the early eighties

When I visited Singapore at the end of 1984, the Quays had become a sterile photographic environment as the river traffic had relocated. However, the harbour around Clifford Pier still had some interesting photo opportunities of the old Singapore river traffic with bumboats, Twakows and sampans still plying their trade. The image of the Water-Boat shows Marina Bay during reclamation with a row of trees along the water's edge, which is now occupied Marina Bay Sands Hotel complex.

Early eighties images of bumboats (Twakows) and sampans in the Old Singapore Harbour

Images are digitally scanned colour negatives, captured between 1981 and 1984 and processed using Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop. Refer to Image Processing for a list of film stock used in this period.