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Nature photography in Singapore Botanic Gardens - self-guided walking tours around Tanglin Core, Central Core and Bukit Timah Core


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The Singapore Botanic Gardens are a haven from the hustle and bustle of the noisy city. Established as true botanic gardens in 1860, they now serve as a regional park and tourist facility, managed by the National Parks. When I'm in Singapore I always try to visit the botanic Gardens as often as possible as it is an excellent place for wildlife or just to chill out.

Take a self-guided walk around the gardens by stepping through or playing the slide show of the three photo essay galleries: Tangling Core, Central Core and Bukit Timah Core.

The gardens are a favourite place for photography in Singapore. As a creature of habit, I try to get to the gardens as early as possible entering via the Tanglin Gate. First port of call is to take photographs of waterlilies and dragonflies, at either the Botany Centre reception area or the Marsh Garden. I then visit then the Pergola Lily ponds on Lawn L, Sundial Garden, Sawn Lake and finish at the Bandstand area. I also keep a look out for opportunist subjects.

I then head in the general direction of the Visitor Centre in the Central Core going via the Ginger Garden and Palm Valley for breakfast at the excellent Casa Verde cafe in the Visitor Centre. After brunch, I head for Symphony Lake and maybe into the Bukit Timah core to visit Eco Lake before returning to the Visitor Centre for a late lunch and a welcome break. Then it is back to Symphony Lake to photograph birds and with luck opportunities to take photographs of Kingfishers taking fish from the lake. I've usually had enough of the heat and humidity by 16.30 and with fading light I, head back to Tanglin Gate entrance taking opportunistic photos on the way or re-visiting the lily ponds.