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Nature photography showing images of waterlilies and lotus flowers found in the Singapore Botanic Gardens Lily Ponds

Waterlilies are one of my favourite nature photography subjects. The main locations in the Singapore Botanic Gardens are the Lily ponds in the Sundial Garden, those near to the Pergola Gardens on Lawn L and Botany Centre reception area. There are other plantings in Symphony Lake – in front of the Shaw Stage and Lotus flowers at the other end of the lake, in the small marsh area near the shelter. I have found it extremely difficult to identify the species of waterlilies, genus Nymphaea that I have photographed so I had resort to described by colour. There seems to be confusion in the classification of waterlilies (genus Nymphaea) and lotus flowers (genus Nelumbo) not helping identification and I suspect that many of the waterlilies in the garden are cultivars.

Images of waterlilies and lotus

The waterlilies and loti images in the gallery are digital (post 2011) or scanned digital from Kodachrome KR64 slide film (1988 to 2006), Image Processing page refers.