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Plants found in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, featuring pictorial compositions of trees and flowers

The Singapore Botanic Gardens, as with all botanic gardens, is all about the plants. Some of my plant photography is record shots, but I also try to be creative taking a pictorial compositional approach to photographing plants, trees and flowers. Generally, I like to make tight compositions subjects or choosing an unusual angle or perspective to be creative.

Some of the species featured in the three galleries are of Frangipani, Bougainvillea and Palm.

Image galleries of Pictorial compositions, flowers and trees:

Pictorial Gallery – features several compositions of Frangipani leaves floating in the Marsh Garden water, together with tightly composed shots of succulents and other flowers such as Hibiscus.

Flower Gallery – features standard compositions of Lilies, Bougainvillea, Hibiscus and other tropical exotics, such as Mimosa, Bird-of-Passion and Heliconia.

Tree Gallery – featuring tightly cropped trees such as Frangipani and Palm.

The images in the galleries above are digital (post 2011) except for two pictorial images which have been scanned from Kodachrome KR64 slide film (both taken in 1992), Image Processing page refers.