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Singapore Botanic Gardens photo essay nature images from a self-guided walk through the Bukit Timah Core

The Bukit Timah walk is a continuation of the Singapore Botanic Gardens Central Core walk or can be separate walks starting from the Cluny Park Gate on Cluny Park Road or the MRT station gate. This is the least mature and perhaps the least interesting part of the garden. On my last visit, in 2011, it was still suffering disruption from building the Circle Line MRT and park upgrades near the Cluny Park Gate entrance. The main points of interest, from a photography viewpoint, are a circuit of Eco Lake, the Bamboos / Reflexology Path and Bougainvillea.

Eco Lake once had a wooden bridge feature, but on my 2011 visit, it had been demolished – but at least I have the images.

Bukit Timah Core photo essay of nature images

Images are either digitally scanned, infrared monochrome - lith post-processed prints or digital originals, captured between 2000 and 2011 and processed using Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop. Refer to Image Processing for a list of film stock and digital cameras used in this period.