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Image Processing – scanned negative and positive film stock, infrared and lith print scans, and digital medium

Before the arrival of digital cameras, I used various type of film. In the seventies and early eighties, I used colour print film to capture my images and then in the late eighties I added positive (slide), monochrome and infrared film together with lith printing to my portfolio.

The images in my photo galleries taken before 2002 are all digital scans from the original film stock or in some cases toned prints of infrared images. The date of image capture generally gives an idea of the film stock used.

Scanned Colour Negative (Print) Film Stock

1981: Kodak Kodacolor (CII ISO 100) 5035 (bottom green stripe)

1984/85: Kodak Kodacolor (VR 100) CP 100 5094 (no colour stripes)

1988: Kodak (Gold 100) GA100 5095 (bottom magenta and top green stripes)

1992: Kodak (Ektar CX 100-2) (bottom magenta and top twin-magenta stripes)

1994/95: Fuji (Reala ISO 100) Gen 2 CS2 (top blue bottom green stripes) Emulsion 951

1994/95: Fuji (G-400 ISO 400) CH3 (top green bottom green stripes)

Roll Film Colour Negative Fuji G-400 (V15)

Scanned Colour Positive (Slide) Film Stock

1988 to 2001: Kodachrome KR64

1994: Agfa (CT200)

Scanned Infrared Negative (Print) Film Stock

2000: MACO Infrared 820 film negative and then lith post-processed

Digital Cameras

2002 to 2008: Canon D60

2008 to 2013: Canon 40D

2012 to-date: Canon 7D

2013 to-date: Canon 5D Mark III