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Photo Essay Images of a Scenic Walk Around Granite Island Nature Reserve Featuring Little Penguins

Granite Island is characterised by its many granite boulders is a Nature Reserve reached by a 750-metre long causeway from Victor Harbor in South Australia and home to a colony 150 Little Penguins (Eudyptula minor). There is an easy going 1.5 Km circular track around the island and located its north shore is the Penguin Centre, which rehabilitates sick and rescued penguins for release back into the wild. At dusk, the centre guides conduct tours of the penguin colony.

On the walk around the island, there are opportunities for landscape, nature and wildlife photography. The Photo essay shows images of the granite shoreline, common bird species and flowers.

Little Penguins

It's essential to book in advance for the guided Little Penguin tour. In spring, the cafe closes in the evening, so the tour starts from the Penguin Centre, get there about an hour before dusk, the guide will greet you and while you wait for dusk and others to arrive, there will be an opportunity to gain access the penguin enclosure. As the light fades penguins will come out of their burrows but as no flash photography is allowed you will need to shoot at high ISO speeds, low f-stops and slow shutter speeds, typically  ISO 3200 / 6400, f4 / f6.7 and 1/90 to 1/10.

When it gets dark, the walking tour will start. On my tour, I saw just two wild penguins return from fishing and climb the cliffs to their burrows. To see them the guide intermittently shone a red light touch. It was too dark to focus my camera so I only got a couple of very poor shots (ISO 25600, f4, 1/30).

Give Way to Penguins Sign, Granite Island, Victor Harbor, South Australia