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Photo Essay Images of Scenic Walks in Victoria's Grampian Mountains, Wartook Valley and Wonderland Regions


Hyperlink image showing Grand Canyon in the Wonderland Region of the Grampian Mountains Hyperlink image showing Silverband Falls in the Wonderland Region of the Grampian Mountains Hyperlink image showing Boroka Lookout in the Wartook Region of the Grampian Mountains Hyperlink image showing Mackenzie Falls in the Wartook Region of the Grampian Mountains

The Grampian Mountains National Park is an ideal stopover when travelling between Adelaide and Melbourne areas. The drive from Victor Harbor (Adelaide) is around 550 Km; long enough for one day especially after spending an hour or so looking for whales along the coast road from Victor Harbor to Goolwa. From Goolwa head for Murray Bridge take the A1 Princess Highway, A8 Dukes Highway (South Australia), A8 Western Highway (Victoria) to Horsham and then minor roads to Halls Gap.

Victoria's Grampian Mountains National Park

The Grampians has some spectacular landscapes, nature and wildlife making it an ideal place for nature and landscape photography. The mountains are geologically comprised of tough sandstone layers, which protect the weaker lower mudstone layers, rising to over 1000 metres and stand out from the surrounding plains. The mountains are designated a National Park and are dived into four regions: Northern, Wartook Valley, Wonderland and Southern. The park has in access of 160 Km of walking trails but with limited time to explore, prioritising is essential and two days allows for visiting the major viewpoints and going on several dramatic scenic short walks in Wartook Valley and Wonderland Regions.

Wonderland Region:

Wartook Valley Region:

Halls Gap Village

Halls Gap village is well located for access to the mountains and the village and surrounding area some good accommodation. Staying in a cabin at the Mountain View Holiday Lodges is a great place to chill-out and has some opportunities to capture images of wildlife, such as Kangaroos and birds, in the adjacent fields.

Brambuk the National Park and Cultural Centre is located south of the village and has some indoor cultural activities and a few easy walks.