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I'm a retired Chartered Engineer having spent over forty years in the commercial and defence industries specialising in hardware electronics and systems. Throughout my career, I travelled overseas on company business, which stimulated my interest in travel photography. During my overseas visits, I could take travel photographs albeit limited by time and opportunity. My main vacation destinations have been the UK, France, Singapore, the Far East, Trinidad, Indian Ocean islands of the Seychelles and Mauritius, Australia and New Zealand.

In the eighties, I became interested in photographic society / camera club photography where I could share and exhibit my travel photographs. During my camera club years, my interests expanded to include wildlife and nature photography. I have not been a member of a camera club for many years, my career prevented me pursuing my hobby with any real vigour however it did not stop me taking photographs. Over the past few years I have concentrated on bird photography.


Copyright © 2005-2017 Ray Plowman (Raymond A Plowman). All Rights Reserved.

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Image Resolution

The images and thumbnails are medium resolution JPGS, higher resolution images may be made available on request please e-mail me.


Hyperlink to References Webpage Tree Bark Rock Strata, Farewell Spit Nature Reserve, New Zealand, 2015 Trip Advisor Travel Map, 2016