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Nature and Travel Photography Featuring Image Galleries of Wildlife and Photo Essays of Scenic Walks and Drives

Hyperlink to About WebpageWelcome to Ray Plowman Photography (Purple Images). I'm an amateur photographer with a passion for nature and travel photography. My image galleries feature wildlife subjects together with natural history narratives and photo essays of travel journeys, scenic walks and drives highlighting local wildlife and nature subjects. This desktop website is being replace by my new responsive website - refers.

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Travel and Wildlife Photography

I’ve been photographing worldwide travel destinations, wildlife and nature subjects for over forty years, mainly during holidays (vacations) and business trips. I update Purple Images with recent destinations I’ve travelled and when time allows I'll add passed destinations from my back catalogue (portfolio) of images. I’ve now introduced a wildlife section to highlight my animal and plant photography and intend to add a nature section.

My photographic media since 2002 has been exclusively digital capture. Before this I captured my images on negative and positive film in both colour and monochrome, which I sometimes digital scan for processing.


These travel webpages are photo essays of self-drive road trips with overnight or several nights stays in places of interest or one or two destination centred trips where places of interest can be reached by each day by self-drive car.


Travel images from my four-week self-drive tour of Australian, in the spring of 2013, to Victoria, South Australia, Tasmanian and Sydney.

The tour followed a figure of eight route, east to Adelaide, then back west as far as Cape Conran Coastal Park near the New South Wales border, finishing back in Melbourne. Victoria and South Australia highlights include the Great Ocean Road, Warrnambool, Fleurieu Peninsula, Adelaide, Grampian Mountains, Philip Island, Gippsland and Melbourne.

After a short flight to Hobart, the car-tour continued in Tasmania visiting the Saint Clair, Gordon Wild Rivers, Cradle Mountain and Freycinet National Parks. The final stop was in Sydney to see the icons and botanic gardens.


Nature and wildlife photography from a three-week visit during May 2013 to the island’s west coast, highlights include: Scenic drive through the Black River Gorges National Park and photo essays of walks along the Black River Gorges trails.

New Zealand

Photographs from a four-week self-drive car tour of the North and South Islands in the autumn 2012 and wildlife images from my South Island visit in the spring 2015.

The 2013 tour followed a figure of eight route on both islands. In the north, it was to the Bay of Islands, then Auckland, Rotorua, Napier and Wellington crossing to the South Island by ferry then to Kaikoura, Mount Cook, Dunedin and the Otago Peninsula. The return journey was via the Rakaia Gorge, Arthur's Pass, Reefton and Nelson crossing back to the north island on the ferry to Wellington, Tongariro, Edgecumbe, Thames and Auckland.


Mahe is the largest island in the Seychelles group, small enough to drive around in day. It has some spectacular beaches and the Morne Seychelles National Park is ideal for nature walks with spectacular panoramas and endemic flora, such as the Seychelles pitcher plant and millionaire's salad palm. The critically endangered hawksbill turtle nests on the southerly breaches, an outstanding island for nature and wildlife photography.


Apart from France, Singapore is probably my most visited destination. The webpages showcase collections of images captured since my second visit in 1978 and feature Singapore’s Heritage: The Singapore River, Old Harbour, Colonial Heart, China Town, Little India, Arab Street, Holland Village. It also features nature and wildlife in Singapore’s parks, gardens and reserves including the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Mandai Orchid Gardens, Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden.


Trinidad with its sister island Tobago is an island republic in the Caribbean close to Venezuela in South America. Features images of nature and wildlife photography from a three-week visit during April 2015, highlights include: Asa Wright Nature Centre and Lodge, a world-renowned nature destination, Leatherback turtles at Grande Riviere beach, Caroni Swamp, La Vaga Estate, Waterloo and Orange Valley Mudflats.


My wildlife webpages feature animals photographed in a free and unrestrained natural or adopted habitat and exclude animals that have a dependency on man for food, such as those found in zoos. The pages introduce taxonomic classification and conservation status of the featured animal images with supportive narrative. The wild animals photographed are from the kingdom of Animalia and include the following classes.

Birds (Aves)

Content transferred to responsive website –  or withdrawn.

Mammals (Mammalia)

The marine mammals’ pages showcase my images in coastal water habitat and feature images of whales, dolphins, seals and sea lions.

Reptiles (Reptilia)

Reptile webpages feature a collection of images of saltwater crocodiles (Crocodilia order), lizards, skinks and snakes from the Squamata order and turtles (Testudines order) photographed in their natural habits.

Insects (Insecta) and Spiders (Arachnida)

A webpage that feature image galleries of insects (butterflies, moths, dragonflies and damselflies) and spiders.